بريك دنس (اصفهان) ایروبیک حرفه ای - بیوگرافی دنسرهایه مشهور جهان

بريك دنس (اصفهان) ایروبیک حرفه ای

ورزش جذاب وپر طرفدار _ بريك دنس اصفهان ایروبیک حرفه ای




Country: France

City: Lyon

Crew: Pokémon

Titles: Red Bull BC ONE 2005 defending champion

Freestyle Session Korea 2005 winner

Freestyle Session Europe 2004 winner

Battle of the Year 2003 winner

Info: Definitely one of the top dancers of the world.

Has a very special, unique dance style plus a very good character on stage. Combines the new so-called “flexible moves” style perfectly with “classical” foot work and power moves.


Hong 10

Country: Korea

City: Seoul

Crew: Drifterz

Titles: Red Bull BC ONE 2005 second place

UK b-boy Championships 2005 solo second place

UK b-boy Championships 2005 crew winner

Hip Hop World Challenge 2005 winner

Info: Worldwide top b-boy for many years. Former member of famous Korean crew “Expression”. His style is extremely complicated and very clean.



Country: USA

City: Las Vegas

Crew: Full Force Crew

Super Crew

Titles: Red Bull Breakin Battle 2006 Ireland winner

Red Bull BC ONE 2005 third place

Red Bull BC ONE 2004 participation

World b-boy Championships participation

Chelles Pro Battle 2004 winner

Info: Dancing for more than 10 years Ronnie belongs to the top dancers from the USA. His dance style is always very clean and difficult. As a dancer he is representing two crews: “Full Force” and “Super Crew”.


Country: Brasil

City: São josé do Rio Preto

Crew: no crew

Titles: Red Bull BC ONE 2005 fourth place

Hip Hop World Challenge 2005 third place

Caieiras Festival 2005 winner

UBI Crew Anniversary Party 2004 winner

Hutus Hip Hop Festival 2004 winner

Info: Pelézinho from São José do Rio Preto was one of the big surprises of last year’s competition. Out of South America for the first time, he straight away won fourth place at the Red Bull BC ONE 2005. His style is very acrobatic and powerful.



Country: England

City: Manchester

Crew: Soul Mavericks

Titles: Hip Hop World Challenge 2005 second place

Red Bull Beat Battle participation

UK b-boy Championships 2005 solo

& crew participation

Urban Games b-boy Battle 2005 participation

Info: Very talented b-boy from the UK from Manchester with Philippine background. Together with his crew “Soul Mavericks” he participated at many international battles such as “UK b-boy Championships” or the “Red Bull Beat Battle”.


Lil Ceng

Country: Germany

City: Saarbrücken

Crew: Style Crax

Titles: Battle of the Year Germany 2005 winner

Battle of the Year International 2005 participation

IBE 2005 Power Move Battle winner

IBE 2005 All Battles All participation

UK b-boy Championships 2006 solo

& crew participation

Info: Being only 14 years old Lil Ceng is known as one of the big newcomers of the b-boy scene on an international stage. He is specialized in “Power Moves”, his biggest success so far was winning first place at the of the “Power Move Battle” at the IBE 2005 in Rotterdam.


Country: USA

City: San Francisco

Crew: Renegades

Titles: UK b-boy Championships 2005 solo winner

Battle of the Year USA 2005 second place

King of the Hill 2005 & 2006 winner

B-boy Masters Pro Am 2003 & 2004 winner

Info: Definitely the “hottest” dancer of the year 2005. From the new generation of the legendary US American crew “Renegades” from San Francisco. In 2005 Roxrite won many important One-on-One battles.



Country: Japan

City: Osaka

Crew: Mortal Combat

Titles: Battle of the Year Japan 2004 & 2006 winner

Battle of the Year International 2004

& 2006 participation

UK b-boy Championships 2005 participation

Info: Started b-boying at age 15, then became a member of the crews “Mortal Combat” and “Cube” at age 16. “Mortal Combat” represented Japan at BOTY 2004 International. His special move is “Headspin to 2000” and it could well be something “nobody has ever seen before”...



Country: Russia

City: Baksan City

Crew: Predatorz

Titles: All Zeros Battle 2006 winner

Battle of the Year Russia 2004 winner

Battle of the Year Russia 2006 second place

Info: Member of the famous Russian newcomer crew “Predatorz”. One of the top b-boys of Eastern Europe, winner of the “All Zeros 2006” One-on-One battle. His style is a perfect mix of power moves, toprockings and nice footwork.


Country: Venezuela

City: Santa Ines

Crew: Flying Legs

Titles: Chelles Pro Battle 2005 solo second place

Chelles Pro Battle 2005 crew first place

Info: Coming from one of the strongest South American b-boy countries, Venezuela, with his crew “F.L.”, Salo was one of the first South American b-boys participating at famous European b-boy battles such as the “Chelles Pro Battle”. His style is based on power moves.



Country: USA

City: San Bernardino

Crew: Battle Monkeys

Titles: Star Search Finale 2003 champion

Battle of the Year USA 2005 winner

Battle of the Year International participation

Freestyle Session USA 2004 participation

Freestyle Session Japan 2004 participation

Info: Probably the world’s most entertaining b-boy. He won the US American Star Search Final in the

year 2003. His stage presence is amazing and his battle skills are incredible.


Crazy Monkey

Country: France

City: Dijon

Crew: Phase T.

Titles: Battle of the Year France 2005 winner

Battle of the Year International 2005 fourth place

B-boy Unit 2005 participation

IBE 2005 participation

Chelles Pro Battle 2005 participation

Info: Active member of the French crew “Phase T.”. Being a very tall guy Crazy Monkey´s stage presence is very impressive. His dance style is very aggressive but positive at the same time. With his crew “Phase T.” he won the French Battle of the Year in 2005 and became fourth at the Battle of the Year World Finals.


Conutry: Peru

City: Lima

Crew: no crew

Titles: Rapealo.com Battle winner

Debate Crew winner

Info: Alex is one of the best b-boys from South America. He started dancing at the age of 15. Alex says that b-boying made him strong and gave him lifetime experiences and also allowed him to travel many South American countries such as Chile and Ecuador.



Conutry: Brazil

City: Brasília

Crew: DF Zulu Breakers

Titles: 2nd place -Individual Breakdancer contest/ 2000

Revelation Dancer/ National Theatre Brasilia/ 2001

Revelation Bboy – Santos/ 2003

Winner , Best Bboy 3x3 competition/ 2004

Winner Brazilian Battle/ 2005

Info: Muximbinha’s real name is Jorge Andre. He first started dancing at the age of 9. Got his first title when he turned 11 and know at the age of 17 with a style of his own and a good performance he managed to qualify for the 16th position at the RB BC One. Now, he will have the opportunity to compete with the best dancers in the world. Muximbinha surprises all with his very keen sensitivity to music and his ability to interpret songs as he dances.



Country: South Africa

City: Capetown

Crew: Crazy Hip Squad


Titles: Winner of Battle of the Year 2001

with Crazy Hip Hop Squad

Winner of Battle of the Year 2005 with Ubuntu

Winner Aex Groll Cup 2002, 2003 and 2005

Winner the World Cup B-boy event

in France in 2006.

Info: Jed was born 07.12.1988 and first started dancing in 1999. In his country South Africa Jed belongs to the top 3 b-boys.

The End

Country: Korea

City: Seoul

Crew: Gamblerz

Titles: Winners Battle of the Year Korea 2004

Winners Battle of the Year international 2004

Third place Battle of the Year international 2005

Winner UK B-Boy Championships Crewbattle 2004

Info: The End probably is one of the most incredible power move dancers from all over the world. His dance style developed power moves onto a complete new level. As solo dancer he has participated and won in almost every important b-boy battle in the last 2 years.


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